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Our Firm


We provide elegant design solutions that are ingeniously simple, surprising, refreshing, and inspiring.




To some, resources can become constraints, but here at Boomerang, we believe in embracing these constraints and turning them into opportunities.



The best work is always the result of close collaboration with clients. So we believe our team should include the most approachable, genuine and responsive professionals with whom you will ever team up with.




We take pride in “hitting the mark,” and we are always evolving alongside our clients to ensure that we continue to deliver responsive design solutions in answer to your short-term needs and long-term goals.



Our Process

The key to our design process lies in our ability to engage with our clients, understand your goals and values, and synthesize those elements into planning for the built environment.  To do this, we employ a methodical approach consisting of five “IDEAL” steps:



Define the problem

Explore the possibilities

Act on the best solution

Learn and evaluate


The Re-Factor


We believe in creating more with less.  This often means adapting an existing environment for re-use; and at Boomerang Design, we are experts at breathing new life into an old facility.



We create spaces that captivate, motivate, and exhilarate.  A space designed by Boomerang should support you – it should free you.



The majority of our work comes from repeat clients. This says a lot about the way we work and the results we achieve. But we aren’t content with just “resting on our laurels;” we’re always looking to embark on new challenges with current and new clients alike.

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